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  • Price: 5 USD/month or 50 USD/year
  • Bundled translations: English
  • Flarum compatibility: beta 13+
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Audit Log is a premium extension that adds an extensive action logging feature to Flarum.

Administrators can browse all logs from the admin panel. Shortcuts are provided to quickly check a discussion or profile audit log from the forum interface.

The logs are read-only, preventing any tempering.

Log browser in the admin panel


Version 1.0.1 - June 21, 2020

  • Fix user: search gambit not being compatible with MariaDB.

Version 1.0.0 - June 14, 2020

Initial release.


  • Flarum version must be beta 13
  • You must have SSH and Composer access on the Flarum hosting

Only the current Flarum version is supported. New features and fixes in the extension will only work with the latest Flarum version.


Audit Log provides integration with various extensions that you will find in the documentation below.

Most other Flarum extensions should work fine alongside Audit Log even if no integration is provided.

As time goes on this section will be filled with any extension that could be incompatible.


  • Purchase the “KILOWHAT Audit Log” extension via the Extiverse website
  • If this is your first premium extension purchase from Extiverse, follow the “Composer configuration” instructions available at https://extiverse.com/premium/subscriptions
  • Install the extension via Composer: composer require kilowhat/flarum-ext-audit
  • Open the Flarum admin panel and enable the extension
  • See below for the settings


When an update is available, the Changelog will be updated above and a message will be posted on the Flarum Discuss discussion.

You can use the following commands to update:

composer require kilowhat/flarum-ext-audit
php flarum migrate
php flarum cache:clear


If you are having issues with the extension, check the following:

  • If the extension doesn’t install, check you have correctly configured Extiverse’s private repository.
  • If an error happens during activation or usage of the extension, check the logs in <flarum>/storage/logs.

If you are still having issues, please copy the output of the logs above, as well as the output of php flarum info and send an email to [email protected].

Support is provided on a “best effort” basis. Most replies should usually be within 24h.

I only provide help solving specific issues with the extension. I won’t install the extension for you.

Extension settings

The extension has a single setting which is a permission found on the Permissions page of the admin panel.

View audit log

Users with this permission can access all logs via the API.

Due to non-admins not having access to the admin panel, non-admins can only use the discussion and profile log modals from the forum side. They could still access every log via the API.

Logged actions

The following actions are currently logged.

A log consists of the following information:

  • an action name
  • the date and time
  • The ID of the subject resource being modified or interacted with
  • The client, which can be:
    • session: Cookie session, usually the Flarum web interface
    • access_token: Direct API request with a user’s access token
    • api_key: Direct API request with a master API key
    • cli: Flarum command ran via SSH
    • unknown: Default in case none of the above can be verified
  • The IP address (only available for web requests)
  • The actor (usually only available for web requests)
  • Additional log data indicated below

Important: the “Filter logs” search field provided by the extension only supports a selection of built-in gambits. Typing anything else in the search field will have no effect.

The following gambits can be used to search in logs:

  • action:<name> (see action names below)
  • actor:<username>
  • client:<client> (see clients above)
  • discussion:<i> - returns both discussion and post events for the discussion
  • ip:<ip>
  • user:<username>

Flarum Core

  • cache_cleared: When the cache is manually cleared
  • discussion.created: When a discussion is created
  • discussion.deleted: When a discussion is permanently deleted
  • discussion.hidden: When a discussion is soft-deleted
  • discussion.renamed: When a discussion title changes (data logged: old title, new title)
  • discussion.restored: When a soft-deleted discussion is restored
  • extension.enabled: When an extension is enabled via the admin panel
  • extension.disabled: When an extension is disabled via the admin panel
  • permission_changed: When a permission is edited via the admin panel (data logged: old groups, new groups)
  • post.created: When a post is created
  • post.deleted: When a post is permanently deleted
  • post.hidden: When a post is soft-deleted
  • post.restored: When a soft-deleted post is restored
  • post.revised: When a post content is edited (no data logged at this time)
  • setting_changed: When a setting is edited via the admin panel (data logged: old value, new value. data is logged only for known non-sensitive fields)
  • user.activated: When a user is activated by an administrator or extension
  • user.activated_with_email: When a user is activated via the activation email
  • user.avatar_changed: When a user avatar is replaced with a new avatar
  • user.avatar_removed: When a user avatar is removed
  • user.created: When a user is created
  • user.deleted: When a user is deleted permanently
  • user.email_changed: When a user email is changed (data logged: old email, new email)
  • user.email_change_requested: When an email change is requested for a user (data logged: new email)
  • user.groups_changed: When the groups of the user are changed (data logged: old groups, new groups)
  • user.logged_in: When a user is logged in via the login form
  • user.logged_in_with_provider: When a user is logged in via social login
  • user.logged_out: When a user is manually logged out
  • user.password_changed: When a user password is changed
  • user.password_change_requested: When a password change is requested for a user
  • user.provider_connected: When a new social login is connected to a user account
  • user.username_changed: When a user username is changed by an administrator (data logged: old username, new username)

The following actions were purposefully silenced to reduce duplicated logs for a same event:

  • user.activated is not logged if the user was enabled during its creation with the isEmailConfirmed attribute
  • user.avatar_changed is not logged if an avatar was automatically set via social login
  • user.logged_in_with_provider is not logged the first time a provider is connected to an account, as user.provider_connected is already logged

Known issue: when the audit extension is enabled, it is unable to log the author and client used. As such, the activation of the extension is shown as Guest / unknown.

Flarum Approval

  • post.approved: When a post is approved

Flarum Flags

  • post.flagged: When a post is flagged (no data logged at this time)

Flarum Lock

  • discussion.locked: When a discussion is locked
  • discussion.unlocked: When a discussion is unlocked

Flarum Sticky

  • discussion.stickied: When a discussion is stickied
  • discussion.unstickied: When a discussion is unstickied

Flarum Suspend

Note: There is no log when a ban naturally expires.

  • user.suspened: When a user is suspended (data logged: until date)
  • user.unsuspened: When a user is manually unsuspended

Flarum Tags

  • discussion.tagged: When the tags of a discussion are modified (data logged: old tags, new tags)
  • tag.created: When a tag is created
  • tag.deleted: When a tag is permanently deleted
  • tag.updated: When a tag is modified via the admin panel

FriendsOfFlarum Ban IPs

  • fof_ban_ips.banned: When an IP is banned (data logged: IP, reason)
  • fof_ban_ips.unbanned: When an IP is unbanned (data logged: IP)

Known issue: unbanned is not logged when unbanning a single issue due to FriendsOfFlarum/ban-ips#4.

FriendsOfFlarum Impersonate

  • user.impersonated: When a user is impersonated

FriendsOfFlarum Mason

No integration planned. Waiting for a Mason update.

FriendsOfFlarum Masquerade

Integration planned.

FriendsOfFlarum Pages

Integration planned.

FriendsOfFlarum Split

Note: due to the immutability of audit logs, logs related to a post prior to the split won’t be visible in the new discussion audit log modal. The discussion: gambit will only return posts if those posts were in the given discussion at the moment of the event.

  • discussion.split_away: When a discussion is split (data logged: new discussion ID, number of posts moved)
  • discussion.split_into: When a discussion is split (data logged: original discussion ID, number of posts moved)

Two events are used together so that they easily appear in both discussion’s history.

FriendsOfFlarum Terms

Integration planned for a future release.

FriendsOfFlarum Upload

No integration planned.

All files upload and downloads are already logged by Upload itself.

FriendsOfFlarum User Bio

Note: Requires version 0.2.0 or greater of fof/user-bio.

  • user.bio_changed: When a user bio is changed

FriendsOfFlarum Username Request

  • user.username_requested: When a username request is created (data logged: new username)
  • user.username_request_approved: When a username request is approved (data logged: old username, new username)
  • user.username_request_rejected: When a username request is rejected (data logged: new username, reason)


Integration planned for a future release.

KILOWHAT Custom Paths

No special integration.

Settings changes are logged by setting_changed.

KILOWHAT Formulaire

Integration planned for a future release.

KILOWHAT Wordpress Integration

No special integration.

Wordpress synchronisation will be logged under the actor selected for “Flarum User ID” and will show client “API Key” with the IP of your Wordpress server.

Settings changes are logged by setting_changed.

Known issue: no login or logout are logged for Wordpress users using SSO.

ClarkWinkelmann Author Change

Integration planned for a future release.

ClarkWinkelmann Catch The Fish

No integration planned.

ClarkWinkelmann Create User Modal

No special integration.

Users created by administrators will reflect the administrator as the actor instead of Guest.

ClarkWinkelmann Passwordless

No special integration.

Users logging in via passwordless will be logged as user.logged_in like password logins.

ClarkWinkelmann Post Date

Integration planned, but only after Post Date gets an overhaul.

ClarkWinkelmann Status

Integration planned, but only after Status gets an overhaul.